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You too are fed up with all these useless posts on your Facebook homepage ? You don’t care about most of them ? Express yourself thanks to this addon and share it with your friends. By the same way that you express your interest by clicking on I like, show your disinterest by adding the addon and clicking on I don’t care.

Languages available : en, fr, it, tr, sv, es, pt, ca

Change Log:

  • possibility to cancel 
  • works on any pages without refresh
  • available for it, tr, sv, es, pt, ca

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0.712
    Compatible With
    Beta Builds
    Beta Builds

    Change Log:



  1. Robert says:

    I wish this was visible to all onlookers instead of just people that have the plugin. 🙁 Fun, but limited who can see it.

  2. Marcus says:

    it dosent work??!!

  3. smokes says:

    haha nice

  4. luca says:

    it doesn’t work!
    when I click on “doesn’t care” it adds the sign. but other people cannot see it.

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