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Quickly shorten any url using This will take you to the homepage with the link shortened and ready to be shared.

Change Log:

Added the title to the url that is passed to  Title shows up in front of the shortened url in the "Share" box.

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  1. Version 1.0
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    Quickly shorten any url using

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  1. moush says:

    Works great, but I believe it is causing my build of Chrome to crash.

  2. I believe that this function isn’t compatible with latest Chrome build ( When enabled, chrome crashes whenever I load a page that has anything but straight text. When disabled, Chrome seems to work fine. It’s not conclusive, but it’s a start….

  3. Spotpuff says:

    Also causing my build of chrome to crash (

    I don’t believe it was doing that the other day; took me a while to figure out. Not worth it given the limited functionality of the addon.

  4. thunsaker says:

    It looks as if all page actions are borked, I disabled my extension and still had the issue trying to login to this site. As soon as I disabled the RSS extension from Google, it worked just fine, this has been easy to duplicate.

    I’ll try to see if there is any mention from google or the chromium team about issues with Page Actions. We may just have to wait until the next dev build gets released, part of the life when living on the bleeding edge.

  5. hello says:

    This extension does not encode the special characters in original URL before transmitting it to
    As a result, cannot recognize the right URL including such characters as “&”. and always generate the wrong short-url for these kind of web-address.

    –(will generate short-url to)–>

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