More about this extension is a Q&A site for programmers, started by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood.

Shortly after it’s launch, 2 new similar sites were added: for server-related questions, and SuperUser for tech questions.
A large part of the experience on these sites is acquiring “cred” through reputation points and badges.
This extension will allow you to put in your profile IDs (get the by going to your own profile page on the respective site), although you could follow any other profile around.


  1. Omiod says:

    I see the “for security reasons, frame is not allowed” warning.
    Are you sure it works with the latest Chrome version?

  2. @Omiod, never saw that error. Could you please provide your Chrome version and a screen shot?
    The version I’m currently testing on is
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. @Omiod – upgraded to 4.0.429.11 – still did not encounter any issue.
    1. Does the issue occur in the popup window, or the options window?
    2. Do you have any special security settings in place? Any proxy, firewall, etc.?
    3. Can you browse to your profile iframe regularly? Try pasting the following into your address bar: (replace the number with your profile ID).

    Let me know how it works for you, so i can fix it if needed.

  4. @Omiod I’m running 4.0.429.11 and I cannot replicate your issue. Please provide:
    1. your Chrome version.
    2. A screen shot
    3. Does it happen at the popup itself, or the options page?
    4. Can you access your profile’s flair manually? Try pasting the following into your address bar: (substitute the number for your ID)

    I’ll handle this as soon as I get your input, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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