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There is a lot of differing opinion about whether foreign learners of the Japanese language should learn kanji, and whether they should be introduced at an early stage in the learning of Japanese. The philosophy at NihongoUp is simple—you’re not learning Japanese unless you are learning kanji.

This kanji quiz is loosely based on the famous Leitner system—a widely used spaced repetition method to efficiently use flashcards. Your success rate for each and every kanji is saved to you account, and the frequency with which you will be presented with these characters again depends directly on how well you know them.

After you review some of the kanji, you should head straight to the kanji index & statistics page where you’ll be presented with a kanji grid, with the individual characters coloured depending on how well you know them. Clicking a character will bring you directly to it’s entry in the respective kanji lesson. This will prove to be not only a great method to instantly see your weaknesses, but also as a motivational tool. Just think, one day that whole grid will turn green with a bit of hard work!

We are working on many improvements to both the quiz and the kanji index. For instance, we will soon add an option for advanced learners to mark lessons as completed without reviewing characters contained in them, and we have also plans to introduce even more statistics which would motivate you and give you a better idea of your progress. This is very much early stages and we predict this new quiz to be one of the most popular tools that NihongoUp has to offer learners of Japanese.


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