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  1. umang says:

    Great. But the icon should be in the address bar, since it’s not always needed; like, on the New Tab Page.

  2. przemoc says:

    @umang: You may be right, but I am just following here one of the chrome extensions guidelines:
    Don’t use page actions for features that make sense for most pages. Use browser actions instead.

    GoUp works with http(s) and ftp, so it makes sense for all pages.

    When global keyboard shortcuts API will be available, then Alt+Up will be also doing the job. Theoretically I could use content scripts, but it would be improper and unclean.

    I’m hosting this extension, thus autoupdating is working.

  3. przemoc says:

    Finally next version has arrived along with the new name of this extension: NavigUp. It will reach you with automatic update, but if you’re impatient, you can use ‘Update extensions now’ button in developer mode on chrome://extensions/ page. If you don’t have GoUp, then go to my site and install NavigUp.

    Upcoming name change was explained in post on my news page ( Later I found out, that a few weeks after my announcement of GoUp in November 2009, Christophe Benz (according to his GitHub account: created “Go Up” extension (notice the space between Go and Up, so it’s also the exact name of existing Firefox add-on).

    What’s new? Global shortcuts API is still not available in Chromium, so on second thought I decided to use content script to support shortcut (obviously Alt+Up, but there is more…). Overhead of the script is negligible, so you shouldn’t spot any difference. Now extension’s button (icon next to address bar) supports many fast clicks (within one third of second) resulting in going up many levels in just one request.

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