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  1. Pex says:

    Great extension, I’ve looked all over after something like this. However I have some suggestions to make it even better.

    You should consider adding sub directories, icons for the bookmarks, options for opening bookmarks in a new tab in the background with middle mouse button, closing the pop-up after clicking a bookmark but not if, for example, shift is pressed down or if the bookmark is clicked with the middle mouse button.

    I love the option to be able to chose which directory to display. All in all, this extension has great potentiality, keep up the good work!

  2. stein_errr says:

    I really like this extension, I loved the RiL add-on for firefox because it stored the bookmarks locally and you did not necessarily need to add them to an online database but RiL seems bent on making me sign up for the database in chrome so I refuse to add it.

    Using your extension and the bookmark sync built in to Chrome I’ve gotten exactly what I want in terms of concept. I do agree with Pex on some of the options though, especially specifying sub directories and with the list display/bookmark access. Also, I don’t know if it’s a bug in your extension or if it is something in the Click &Clean extension, but after I run the CC my preferences are reset in the MyQuickFav options and I have to go back and specify my directory.

    Other than that I am a huge fan of this extension and look forward to using its future iterations.

  3. stein_errr says:

    I almost forgot, the one other thing I would love to see is the ability to add links directly from a web page (maybe in the right-click window) and if it could be managed, a check mark – similar to RiLs for the Google reader.


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