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Do you often forget the cards that you wanted? Are you tired of noting all your wished cards?

MTG Wishlist allows you to save all Magic The Gathering cards that you want in a wishlist.

Imagine that you are visiting a Magic website and discover a perfect card for your deck. You only have to highlight it and click the MTG Wishlist button to display the popup and add it to your wishlist. You will no longer need pen and paper to write it.

When you insert a card into the wishlist, you will be asked for the card quantity, the approximate card value, card rarity and a custom field named notes for your thoughts like deck or the reason to get the card. The card image will be automatically displayed if is well written in english language and it will oversize when you pass over it with the mouse.

You can sort (asc/desc) your items by card name, quantity, rarity or value by clicking on the wanted title.

There is also an options page to customize the columns to be shown.

The wishlist cards and options can be synchronized over your computers through Chrome’s bookmark sync (from version 1.1.0). MTG Wishlist will ask for bookmark permission.

Card names can be hyperlinks to the US ebay pages (from version 1.1.0).

You will be noticed when new versions of MTG Wishlist are released.

If you like it, score it with five stars!! 🙂

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