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Displays a popup with the magic the gathering cards found matching the highlighted words in the current chrome tab. The search can be done in one of the following websites: - - - It’s very useful to see updated cards description, prices, legality and more of cards from any website, forum or blog and card names in any language, fastly and without opening new windows or tabs. While the search does a full access to the website (here you can also see the rulings, prices and more), wizards search displays only the card image. The ApathyHouse search shows you the price looker-upper. Wizards and Apathy House searches work only for english card names and allows several languages. The website to search can be selected in the options page. Don’t try it on this website or others like “chrome://extensions/”, it won’t work on these reserved urls!!! If you like it, score it with five stars!! 🙂

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