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  1. san says:

    Maybe you should give some introduction.
    UP~! via douban

  2. san says:

    And use English is more better.

  3. hello says:

    English Version??

  4. hali says:

    This is a GM Script implement Extensions,after installed ,u can open .user.js (gm script) link direct

  5. Stamga says:

    What does this do exactly?

  6. DaVince says:

    It hacks your system.

    Just kidding, but details would be nice. And an English version, and perhaps license information.

  7. hilare says:

    i ‘am chinese,but i can’t use it too.

  8. Znuff says:

    Unusable. Every script I tried doesn’t really work :-/

  9. J3RI3L says:

    This Extension works! However if you install a “broken” script (one that’s not actually working) the applcation will crash.

    To have it working again go to C:\Users\”Your Username”\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\localStorage

    and delete this file “chrome-extension_hpnlkhanfencjimohnddpjeoakdphkdm”,

    That should restore the app again, I’m a fan of user scripts and I’m using some with no problem thanks to Matt’s.

    Try installing this script “Youtube Enhancer”
    and watch a youtube video and you will see the diference.

  10. DaVince says:

    You do have a developer version of Chrome, right, Znuff? There are some that work pretty well for me.

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