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Change Log:

  • Added: Browser Action support
  • Fixed: Encoding issue for Non-ASCII characters in macro. Bookmarklets now Base64 encoded.
  • Fixed: Several smaller issues 
  • Older Versions

    1. Version 0.3.2
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      Developer Builds

      Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work.

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    1. Klad_Master says:

      The macros in the ‘iMacros’ folder in the bookmarkfield do not work on all webpages. But I like this extension very much.

    2. Kepi says:

      It looks very promissing, but on linux builds, there is problem that choosing macro “widget” is positioned out of screen, I can only see iMacros folder and top line of child folder, but nothing more 🙁

      Is it possible to fix this?

    3. Rayz321 says:

      Wow this is amazing i love it thanks

    4. ljj8084 says:


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