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INSTALL & UPDATES NOTES: Go to extensions -> Click on this Extension "Options" -> "Reload Scripts"
"Ikariam ExMachina" is a user script for Greasemonkey that includes a collection of tools, mods, and hacks for Ikariam by PhasmaExMachina.

This extension downloads and injects the script and all required files while automatically keeping everything up to date.


* All features can be enabled or disabled through script configuration interface
* Split personalities for advisors (click on left side for one page, right for the other)
* Increased world map height
* Keeps track of and indicates the people you have cultural treaties with
* Hack to let you send unlimited trade treaty requests
* Anti-Ikariam Plus to hide all plus features
* Optional auto-login
* Adds building level indicators to city view
* Building level indicators show whether or not you have enough to upgrade
* Drop-down overview of your empire
* Drop-down overview of troop and trade movements
* Drop-down overview of your armies
* Drop-down overview of current and recent spy targets
* Lots of useful tweaks to help with pillaging
* Auto-build and upgrade features
* more coming soon(ish) ...

Terms of use:

1 - If it doesn't work or you don't like it, stop complaining and make your own
2 - All comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome but may be ignored

This script automates tasks that are supposed to be performed manually, or can be automated to a degree by paying for a plus account. As such, it will never be approved for legal use. This was never my intention. Be aware that there is a very small chance that the Ikariam staff detects that you are using this script and bans your account. By installing this script, you signify that you understand this risk and take full responsibility for any potential consequences resulting from its use.
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Fix on manifest to update scripts.

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  1. Version 0.99
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