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When you have this extension installed, links to PDF and PPT files (in future possibly more types) open in Google Docs Viewer.

If some link is not recognised automatically (because, for instance, it does not end with .pdf), clicking on the extension’s toolstrip button converts all links on the whole page to Google Docs Viewer links. (As a result, also normal pages will be opened in the Viewer. It will not be able to display them, but there will be a link named Go to original that will take you to the page, so there’s nothing lost).

Change Log:

Moved the button for converting all links from toolstrip to page action (as toolstrips will be removed).

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.1
    Compatible With

    View PDF files using Google Docs View

    Change Log:


  2. Version 0.2
    Compatible With

    View PDF files using Google Docs View

    Change Log:

    Version 0.2 corrects a bug that the Download link on the viewer page was also changed to point to the Viewer, and in this way made impossible to download the PDF.

  3. Version 0.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    View PDF files using Google Docs View

    Change Log:

  4. Version 0.2.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    View PDF files using Google Docs View

    Change Log:

    Now converts also links to PPT files.


  1. Patriot Aus says:

    Works on pdf’s how ever my university links to pdfs are as url/content/contentwrapper.jsp. Also the link becomes unavailable to right click.

    will there be any future update that will allow these to work? if not, is it able to only change the url to gdocs when it actually works?

    thank you

  2. Todero says:

    Congratulations, this extension is very useful and works perfectly. We say goodbye to bigger, slower and every-day-updater Adobe plugin.

    I ask you: Is posible create a extension that use a HTML5 internal video player for most important video formats? Scan webpage, and convert all video-links into links that open a popup window with a embedded html5 video player. Would be very nice 🙂

  3. TPReal says:

    I think it can be done. I’ll put it on my list of ideas for extensions. Currently I’m working on something else but I think this one is next. I’ll post it on TPChromeExtensions Blog ( when it’s done.

  4. TPReal says:

    Patriot Aus,

    It’s not possible to guess if a link leads to a PDF file if it is a link to some wrapper. Can you give an exact example of such a link?

    If you want to force it to open using the Viewer, first click the icon on the toolstrip and then click your link. It will then open in Viewer even if it does not look like a PDF to the extension.

    If a link gets opened in the Viewer and it does not work there (the format is unsupported), you’ll see a link in the upper left corner saying Go to original. Click it to go to the original page (not in Viewer).

    “Also the link becomes unavailable to right click” – what exactly do you mean?

  5. Todero says:

    Suggerst: Maybe a option that permits hide the BrowserAction button will be fine.

    Why you need put this browseraction button if your extension changes automatically all links into PDFViewer links?

    I try eliminate myself but I cannot do it. I did eliminate the manifiest lines and icon and does not work :S

  6. TPReal says:

    I’m afraid there’s no method in the browser action API to hide it. If it is in the extension, it’ll always be there.

    In the future of Chrome though, it will be possible to hide a browser action in a dropdown menu (have a look at the attached mock images here:

    The icon allows you to convert all the links to open in the Viewer. This might be useful if you encounter a link that does not get converted automatically (because it doesn’t look like a link to PDF), or when you want to open in the Viewer a file of another type (I don’t know what types are currently supported, for now only PDF and PPT are converted to Viewer links). I agree that this might not be the most useful option out there, I’m waiting for the ability to put page actions in the dropdown menu, too).

  7. fedevit says:

    works like a charm for me,

  8. Humpparitari says:

    Would it be possible to extend this functionality to other documents as well? By this I mean Word, Excel and ODF files?

    This would require a name change though. 😛

  9. TPReal says:

    Currently not, because those types are not supported by the Docs Viewer (they can be opened by Docs, but this needs logging in and so on, so this is not so useful for this extension). Currently PDFViewer opens files of type PDF, PPT and TIF(F), so the name is already irrelevant 🙂

    If more file types are supported by the Viewer, I’ll add them to those that are automatically opened in it. Remember that you can also force the extension to open a link in Viewer, no matter what type it is, by clicking the extension icon before clicking the link. But for other types you will simply get a message that the type is not supported.

  10. Joep Hendriksson says:

    So I encounter problems on arXiv. For som obscure reason, they link to PDF’s without extension, and googleDocs can’t handle that at all (I guess). Here an example link:

    The mimetype of this document is application/pdf, but it has no extension.

    I guess you are not able to solve the problem, however this is a very annoying problem…

    For the rest, this application is quite ok!

  11. A,Rich says:

    Great extension, but is a button really necessary if it doesn’t do anything ? It’s just taking up space.

  12. TPReal says:

    It’s not that it does nothing. I use it from time to time as I encounter sometimes links that are not automatically detected as links to PDF files. I agree that the button could be less exposed on the UI, but for that we’ll have to wait until they’ll add the ability to hide the browser action buttons. As far as I know, they’re planning to do that in the future.

  13. dwjp90 says:

    Doesnt work, every pdf fails

  14. TPReal says:

    It does work. Give an example of a PDF that fails.

  15. Marc Federico says:

    TPReal, your viewer does not work at all, it needs to catch downloads that come through and not just allow for links clicked to be loaded in the viewer. completely useless because 99% of the time i am downloading a pdf and not clicking a link

  16. TPReal says:

    Dear Marc.
    As far as I know, currently it is not possible to intercept downloading a file and redirect the browser to the viewer. Your are right when you say that this would be better than just changing the links. But you are wrong when you say that the extension is useless in its current form. Maybe it’s useless for you, but for me and a lot of other people this is enough.

    When there’s a way to intercept a download, I’ll definitely rewrite it to what you suggest.

  17. TPReal says:

    For now, doc is not supported by the Viewer. I’ll add it when it is.

  18. Shah Jahan says:

    @Marc Federico
    You can open the links in Google Docs and then you have the link at the top of the page, where you can right click and download it to your heart’s desire.

    Thank you for this extension. So far only two or three links didn’t work, but I eventually got them (I can’t remember where was that because I read quite a lot pdfs on-line). Still, for example, at freepatents dot com the pdfs are embedded in page; those don’t work, but I suppose that would greatly complicate things, if they could be done, at all.

  19. Gl-Lifestyle says:

    Lovely!! One of the best extensions for Chrome!! Can’t believe Google didn’t had this built in automatically, so thanks for the extension

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