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Expresso Wow (short for “Words of Wizdom”)  is a browser add-on that lets you quickly and easily add smart texts and quotes and greetings to your facebook statuses and comments, tweets, emails or any website where you write comments or post your own texts. 

How many time did you see the “Your friend has a birthday today” message on facebook, and all you could write on their wall is “Happy B-day dude”, “Congrats”, “Best wishes” and all those boring things everyone repeats?

Now with Expresso Wow you can always find the smart thing to write – and add it to your facebook post, tweet, email or talkback with a click. Funny or hearty birthday greetings, smart sayings to match the occasion, quotes from famous people and more.

Try Expresso Video and you will be super-popular among your friends for always having the smart thing to say in your posts and tweets!

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