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  1. Marco Buongiorno says:


    Doesn’t matter as you can see. People still rate and download … and seems there is no extension moderation lol

  2. dreyk533 says:

    This is based in glyphs … but the code is totally different code.

  3. BloodyT says:

    well is there any specific advantages between them? id like to know so i can compare and pick the best one XD

  4. Thicky says:

    How come there are so many random characters?

    And where is dagger and double dagger!?

  5. dreyk533 says:

    is a very simple version, but with necessary data, it is important to me to know he needed to correct. Or to be added, soon will add more profits!

  6. Thicky says:

    I mean why are there random characters?

    큐 is Korean
    ァ is Japanese
    么 is Chinese\Kanji
    ټ is Arabic

    They don’t represent anything significant.

    And there are many Latin characters which I understand you mean to use them as replacement for English characters in 1337speak?

    иσÖß <- turns out pretty nicely 😀

    I also think every character should have a description.

  7. dreyk533 says:

    Thank you, for this information, i added other symbols for variety. Basic symbols and the most used. And other random.

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