More about this extension

First use you must configure the shorterners which you want expand with in Options.

This extension is useful when you can’t visit some short url but cat expand it.


  1. Doesn’t seem to work? I’ve put in ‘’ in the options, but when I view my Twitter feed via which has some links, they are just displayed as normal and not untrimmed.

  2. ohdarling88 says:

    If you can visit normally, the extension will does not work, this extension is purpose of the condition that you can’t visit some short url but can reach it.

    The extension does “copy short url, paste to’s input box, click lookup, copy the real address to address bar and click go” these steps within just one step, click the short url and wait the AutoExpander auto untrim it use

    Usually the extension is usful for Chinese behind the GFW 🙂

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