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All Mangas Reader (AMR) is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to follow updates of mangas on your favorite web site (Manga Fox, Bleach Exile, MangaStream, and about 30 more) and which beautifies your reading, by displaying full chapters scans in the web sites.

– Follow updates
When you read a manga on a manga site supported by AMR, this manga will be automatically added to the AMR reading list.
In the reading list, you can access the latest chapter you have read, the latest chapter that have been published or any chapter you want (a list of all chapters is provided for each manga).
When a new chapter of a manga in your manga list is published on the web site, AMR warns you automatically with a tag on the extension’s icon. This manga appears in red in the list.
In AMR, you can pick up a new manga to read by searching it in a dedicated tool which look for all the existing mangas on the supported web sites.
Your manga list and the latest chapters you read can be synchronized over your computers !

– Beautify Mangas web site
AMR can display the whole chapter scans instead of the classic single page on every supported web sites.
For wide screens, you can choose to see the chapter as a real book. (left to right or from right to left)

AMR supported web sites (30 web sites supported) :
– Scans in English : Manga Fox, Manga Reader, Manga Access, Manga Stream, MangaToshokan, AnimeA, Mangable, CityManga, The Spectrum, MangaKong, OurManga, MangaHere, Manga2U, StopTazmo, TenManga
– Scans in French : AnimeStory
– Scans in spanish : SubManga, Animextremist (by jknito), MangaSama
– Scans in portuguese : CentralDeMangas, PunchMangas, MangasProject
– Scans in polish : MangaLib
– Scans in italian : ItaScan
– Scans in arabic : MangaAr
– Scans in turkish : MangaTurk
– Scans in vietnamese : VNSharing
– Scans in chinese : TenManga
– Scans in Russian : Manga24, ReadManga

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