More about this extension

Some source was taken from Nicki Faulk’s IGoogle plugin.
  • Preferences settings are saved as cookies.
  • To set the preferences, just click Aion Status in the toolstrip, there you could set it to All Servers, N.A/Oceanic Servers, EU Servers
  • Aion Status is installed in the toolstrip. (Ctrl + Alt + B to hide the toolstrip if you think it’s annoying, not sure if it works on Chrome for Linux)

Have fun in Aion ^^- from Yumi at Marchutan server.


  1. Ben Anderson says:

    Hey this is probably one of my favourite extensions so far. I do enjoy playing Aion so this little extension is very useful to me thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Yigit Alper Tan says:

    Wow, it’s really good extension for maintenance days!

  3. yumi says:

    ^^- thankies for the review.. Can’t think of anything to improve the extension.. ._.
    Any ideas would be great though..

    This Aion Status extension was my first ever extension I’ve made for Google Chrome, hahas.

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