YouTube VideoGrab - 2.4.4

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YouTube VideoGrab is an extension which seamlessly integrates into user’s browser to show the download links for YouTube videos and several other sharing services.

– Shows the links to download videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, Adult Swim, Dailymotion, Trilulilu
– Supports grabbing video and audio on (
– Supports grabbing photos on Flickr
– Displays all possible video sizes available
– Can be quickly turned on and off without interuption
– No ads

  • 2.4.4
  • GPL
  • kmz
  • Stable Builds

More about this extension

You can ask questions or submit requests for new features on this page or use the link below:

Change Log:

Fixed YouTube and Vkontakte audio

Older Versions

  1. Version 2.2
    Compatible With
    Stable Builds

    Change Log:


  2. Version 2.3
    Compatible With
    Stable Builds

    Change Log:

  3. Version 2.4.1
    Compatible With
    Stable Builds

    Change Log:

    - Support of Metacafe, Trilulilu, YouPorn and Flickr
    - Small fix for YouTube 4k videos

  4. Version 2.4.3
    Compatible With
    Stable Builds

    Change Log:

    - Support of XVideos and


  1. v says:

    saves files in unknown format?

  2. Peter says:

    Very good plugin. +5

  3. Pink Penguin says:

    would be nice if you could make a .mp3 option too =D otherwise im loving this

  4. Anmol says:

    Wonderful… very easy to use…

  5. zzGoWR says:

    Does this extension download the video as a MP3?

  6. yvonus says:

    Hi there. Third chrome extension I tried after Youtube downloader and video downloader.
    This one worked just fine on a couple Youtube videos.
    I understand that flv dowloaders are playing a continuous cat & mouse game. It probably will stop working at some point. But as of today, it worked !
    Kudos to you, keep up the good work

  7. Tobi says:

    I was looking for a Vimeo video downloader and tried several extensions before trying VideoGrab. Clearly this one is the best. Clean and informative links to the videos, and *actually* working!

  8. Ariel says:

    To install this extension, you need to allow it to access “all your data on all websites”. That would include PayPal, Amazon, facebook, etc…

    Can we know why???? Forget it, I’m not installing it.

    Other similar chrome youtube downloader extensions only require access to your youtube data, seems more reasonable.

  9. emitter says:

    Great extension, thank you!!!
    Works with the new youtube, and download video in HQ is also possible…

  10. emitter says:

    hmm… downloading as mp4 is ok, but if I choose flv, none of my players can open it (on ubuntu linux). Now I’ll try it on win-xp…

  11. kmz says:


    for the .flv try the open source VLC player

    shouldn’t be so, and i assure you it isn’t malicious – i NEVER hack people, this addon simply adds what’s not available to simple users like you and I 🙂

  12. kmz says:

    that’s why i provide a description of the format when you click to download it, so that you can add .mp4 or .flv when you save it. Sorry for such inconvenience.. but if Chrome will allow changing file name from addon directly, i’ll make it right away!

    conversion to mp3 isn’t allowed yet, and i’m not sure if it will be.. but if such possibility happens, will do that feature of course 🙂

  13. Peter says:

    best plugin what i have.. awesome

  14. petw says:

    best created plugin in a long time. Super Nice works guys!!!!

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