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Extension adds download button to  right details side of video near subscription button.

Change Log:

1. Added support for downloading video in HD, mp4, flv and 3gp file formats.

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
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    Developer Builds

    Extension for downloading youtube videos right from youtube video page.

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  1. h7h2vc says:

    Which button should i click?

  2. Huh says:

    This download button, will it provide a link to the file (allowing me to use a download manager)?

  3. Chris Jones says:

    Excellent, unintrusive extension, works exactly as it should. Stays out of the way until it is needed and then presents a button in a well selected location on the page for downloading the videos. Here’s where I can make a recommendation for a future upgrade, though. At present it only allows downloading the low-quality FLV version of a video. Some videos are available in an MP4 format. The following greasemonkey script for Firefox adds a bit of code to the YouTube page for making downloads available in whatever format is currently being viewed:

    Perhaps the author of this fine Chrome extension would find it worth looking at that code as inspiration for a version 2 release. I’d much prefer getting the MP4. Whether this improvement happens or not, thank you very much for providing a no-nonsense, simple and functional extension and for supporting this platform that I have enjoyed using, more so now that quality extensions are starting to appear at an ever-increasing rate.

  4. Nesmero says:

    Thanks a lot! Works great!

  5. Mikey says:

    could you make it download in mp4 or avi

  6. tatosgr says:

    Can you make that it pop-up a ‘save as’ window so you can put it a name??

  7. Laur says:

    Only FLV formal ???

  8. Gabriel says:

    Rename the file to the video title please!!! I hate ending up with 100 of files “video(23).flv” in my download folder!

  9. done75 says:

    best youtubedownloader for chrome

  10. Koben says:

    Excellent extension.
    However, the are 2 things i would like to be improved:
    – The download buttons tend to stack up, occupying a lot of space specially when the videos have a HD option. I would suggest leaving only 1 download button and creating a dropdown list right next to it, allowing to select the desired format.
    – Having to change the dafault video filename is kinda annoying. im sure there must be a way to automatically rename the video to its corresponding tittle.

    Anyway, great extension
    thanks mate

  11. Huh says:

    – Right click the download button (opening the context menu), and select “Save link as…”.

    – Wonderful job, I don’t have any problems with this extension as of yet. It’s really useful, it’s earned its spot in the “extensions I will never disable” category.

  12. fabio santos says:

    Awesome extension!

  13. Ben Nichols says:

    Works well. Thanks! Now I can download videos and get better @ playing ukulele. Chrome improved my life even when I’m not on the computer! yay!

  14. raorn says:

    Is fashplugin still required to use this extension?

  15. Davik says:

    I cannot get it to work. The download buttons are there, but all that happens is the page goes blank and nothing downloads.

  16. T.F. says:

    Could this be updated to include downloading of only the sound track of a video? It’d be a nice addition.

  17. Thicky says:

    Nice but it does need to have the option to just download the audio in MP3 format.


  18. BostonPeng says:

    I love this extension. It’s finally let me grab YouTube vids without launching Firefox, a task I’ve started avoiding since I demoted Firefox over a year ago. The one thing I miss from Firefox’s Video DownloadHelper extension (, other than the fact that it works on my local tv news station’s site and MLB videos, is the ability to automatically name the video according to the YouTube name as displayed in the H1 tag. Could we get this naming feature added to the wishlist? That would make an already fantastic extension even better.

  19. ROY says:

    Fantastic… works beautifully for me on WINXP SP3

    Have ditched all my other tools for downloading You Tube clips.


  20. It says extension is not loaded!!!

  21. Vlad Olariu says:

    I love it! Thank you dude.

  22. Ancient_One says:

    I would prefer to see an added button for MP3 or the ability to select what buttons are displayed on Youtube.

    Maybe in the options you could choose which buttons you want to display on the Youtube page so that you can download the video as a MP3 music file.

  23. BostonPeng says:

    Will this extension be updated or branched to work with YouTube Feather? I’m really liking Feather but have to disable it to snag a vid.

  24. 50tibi says:

    Extensions not enabled 🙁

  25. Mike says:

    Making the file download with a name that is somehow related to the actual video would be a great improvement to the standard “video.mp4”.
    Other then that great!! Thanks a lot.

  26. Ilse says:

    How do i download this in order to download youtube clips?

  27. Joel says:

    Ilse, You must be using Google Chrome browser–simply click the +Add To Chrome button by the headline and it will install. Then on Youtube gold boxes will appear next to video showing options to download that video.

    Great Extension, Finally got a downloader for Chrome–won’t need to open Firefox for just one thing anymore!

  28. kyle says:

    im new to using extensions, i downloaded and saved it….. now what do i do exactly?

  29. Jay says:

    Major cudos man. Thanks a million, this is exactly what I was looking for and if wasn’t for this I would have had to switch back to firefox. (Your a browser saver)

  30. Warchylde says:

    Chrome ver

    Extension not working… no button displaying

  31. Mitur Binesderti says:

    After installing this extension I started getting SSL security warnings when going to Gmail. Be careful of this one. The only way to get rid of it was to totally replace Chrome.

  32. N. Walker says:

    If I download Google Chrome will I be able to get YouTube to load? We have a dial-up connection, and we have not be successful in watching a YouTube video.

  33. daave says:

    Cool! Thanks!

  34. sami says:

    waw…this one isgreat..thanks

  35. dan says:

    i see the downlaod mp4 button… but alot of pages go to a blank page. i tried save link as but goes to blank page. i have chrome version 4 and it said chrome is up to date.

    some download some are blank. no fix for it?

  36. Cyr4x says:

    Modified version with additional button margin and 1080p download (which was missing in original).

  37. asher says:

    this web side very cool

  38. asher says:

    this web is very cool

  39. Ermir says:

    I added this but noticed no change to the YouTube menus….maybe this extension is outdated.

  40. Asajji says:

    Please repost:

    Downloading Error!

    This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

    This limit is reached.

    To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector’s Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector’s Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

    Thank you

  41. K-ON! says:

    Crap. They say service unavailable. What to do?

  42. jose says:

    Hey make a new extension but for Youtube new interface that are not buttons please and Cyr4x your link does not work

  43. Jase says:

    Weird, the whole box that has the info, the subscribe button and all the download links have disappeared from the top right of the you tube screen

  44. Timothy says:

    same problem with Warchylde, where are the said buttons? running 4.0.302.3

  45. ad says:

    great one!! thanks..

  46. mike says:

    it doesnt seem to work on the new youtube update :/

  47. loony says:

    Just this day, youtube changed their layout. Does this work for the new layout?

  48. Katrina says:

    This is what I was looking for so many days… Will it also work on sites like MetaCafe and other Video serving sites?

    Thanks for such a great plugin.

  49. BostonPeng says:

    It seems the extension is borked on YouTube’s new video page. They moved so many things around that the extension doesn’t seem to know where to put the buttons anymore. It’s a shame, because I really love this extension.

  50. funnyfela says:

    Great program but broke with the stupid youtube change 🙁

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