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Extension adds download button to  right details side of video near subscription button.

Change Log:

1. Added support for downloading video in HD, mp4, flv and 3gp file formats.

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Extension for downloading youtube videos right from youtube video page.

    Change Log:



  1. Really works well. After you push download then select your quality, you are directed to new page, right click then select save as, name you video, then hit save, it will start downloading. Very very very easy. Thank you.

  2. Dan says:

    It does not work annymore in the new you tube.

  3. Goktug says:

    Yes @Bostonpeng I agree with you for this subject. I love this extension too but its not work on YOUTUBE’s NEW PAGE. Please develop this extension. Thanx..

  4. TabZ says:

    yeah can u plz modify the version to work with the new(stupid) youtube layout

  5. akshay says:

    please update the build to support the new youtube site!


  6. Anubis13 says:

    DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. juicemon says:

    Yea I too enjoyed this extension. I hope they fix it soon. The new youtube page sucks!!

  8. Jake says:

    It doesn’t work anymore because of YouTube’s new layout. It’s a shame, such a good plugin is going to waste now.

  9. Noein says:

    Exactly, its sad that with the new interface it doesn’t work. Will there be an update or smthing ?

  10. nora says:

    good thank you

  11. Lucifer says:

    Yeah… update.. before I have to come out of Hell and kick some asses…

  12. Abejo says:

    no funciona

  13. logan says:

    yea,It was great until youtube changed the layout now it dosent work could u plz make a new one

  14. Vitzo says:

    To the owner of this extension: we would like to implement compatibility for the next version of YouTube. Please contact us through our website.

  15. Hey,
    This is an awesome plugin and used to work with the older youtube layout on the site.
    Now, i guess you need to upgrade the version of this
    I hope you fix it up soon, thank you so much <3
    Amazing plugin, once again =)

  16. kcmartz says:

    Please update!!! I Love google chrome!!

  17. Fraz says:

    its very reliable and i suggest that every one should use it.

  18. mahima says:

    i am very like

  19. athan says:

    it does not word while im download it in FLV

  20. punk says:

    where is downloader

  21. kOkser says:

    funzt nicht mit dem neuen youtube.. bitte weiter entwickeln….

  22. Ami says:

    Simply – NOT WORKING AT ALL!

  23. Sabrina says:

    OMG!!The developer of this is Azkaban!!!~HP~

  24. dom'z says:

    i dont know what to do!he he he! joke! i love it

  25. Saikrishna says:

    Its Not Working In The Updated Version Of New Chrome Please Have A Checkout
    Have A Nice Day…!

  26. justme says:

    still not working, shouldn’t be listed here. crap page.

  27. Timo says:

    Firefox konverter !

  28. immux says:

    not work for me 🙁

  29. Fuck You says:

    You God Damn Mother Fucker

  30. Smartiz says:

    NOT WORK !!!!

    Please Update !!!!

  31. James says:

    This program needs to be updated. It will not work with the current version of YouTube.

  32. shorn says:

    does not work… hello!!!

  33. Koce says:

    Doesn’t work!!!

  34. oh dame pera says:

    tanginang muka yan san ba gawa yan..

  35. eliasp says:

    Why demands this extension access to “all websites” instead of just
    That’s not acceptable, didn’t install this extension because of this!

  36. Indiwar says:

    This is not working in my chrome 8. Very upset.

  37. Dabzo says:

    How do I get this to work?

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