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– Warning before loading too many images at once.
– Thumbnails
– Lightbox to easily view each image

Example list of pages with image links

Change Log:

1.0.1 - Fixed iframes issues.

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
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    Developer Builds

    A Google Chrome extension to transforms any page with links to images, in a full gallery with thumbnails and lightbox-style viewer.

    Change Log:



  1. Quack says:

    So all it does is display the ip? It’ s funny thou because my ip shown on the map is like half the state away from me.

  2. Omiod says:

    Quack, you are commenting the wrong extension.

  3. The Truth says:

    Haha. Maybe it was a hint ^^ 😉 But very smart extension. TY 🙂

  4. Luc VN says:

    Your extension prevents the from executing correctly…
    There is no reason at all that this happens, just to display the IP number.

  5. Luc VN says:

    Ooops, I also talked about IP number… sorry

    But still, Your extension prevents the from executing correctly…

  6. Angel says:

    does not find images even when they are present

  7. Omiod says:

    For a small mistake it doesn’t work with https pages (will fix in the next version) and it detects just direct links to images ( address has to end with jpg, png, etc ) . Doesn’t work with PHP-generated images, or with links pointing to HTML pages, naturally.

    Last but not least, just after installing the extension works only in newly opened pages.

    Strange about the acid test, while idle it should not interfere…

  8. Angel says:

    Well like most people I only really use php web sites anyway so could you say some sites is use full for because as present you can save image by right click

  9. Quack says:

    @Omiod lol my bad. Is there a way I can delete my comment?

  10. Mahnas92 says:

    Thanks, but I think cool iris makes that job better.
    But Competition makes the developement go forward!
    Keep it up! =)

  11. Omiod says:

    Yes, Cooliris is really good, but it takes a different approach than mine.

  12. justasuggestion says:

    What this extension should do next, keeping in mind that image search extensions should enhance the #1 internet activity of all time… porn surfing:

    Turning on the extension for a page will follow each link on a page, that searches pages X deep, for serialized picture links, displaying them on a new tab, allowing for full size view on mouseover.

    This would be a porn surfer’s dream come true.

    Example: you enter a Thumbnail gallery that has 100 picture links each with 20 serialized picture links leading to their fullsize pictures (2000 total pictures.) Often there are redirects and other time wasters which this extension could ignore for us, and instead recognize a set of serial named images and add them to the tab view of thumbnails which you could mouseover for a full picture view.

    Call it Picture Aggregator 😉

    I love cool iris because you can follow picture or text links very quickly and surf their contents. Automatically fixing picture links and aggregating pictures from within links is something that cool iris does not do, and this would make your extension uniquely powerful.

  13. Dante says:

    Can you please not make it pop up with a blocking window when it’s on automatic and doesn’t detect images? I see no reason for this as I just like it to convert links to images whenever possible without having to click a window every time I go to a page without one…

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