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GrooveBud is a remote control for Grooveshark.

Often you may find you want to start and stop music, or skip to the next song, but aren't near the computer you have playing Grooveshark.  Groovebud was created to do just that.  Once you have it installed and use Grooveshark in Chrome, a "gb" icon will appear in your address bar.  Click it, and you'll see a QR code that you can scan with your phone to get a web-based remote control for Grooveshark.  It's simple, and it works!

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Current features:
* Play/Pause
* Next/Previous
* Artist/Title
* Album Art

Coming soon:
* Volume adjustment
* Song progress indicator
* Other Grooveshark Controls

WARNING:  This software is alpha.  It's still in development, and as such, things are bound to break.  Sorry about that, but I'll do my best to fix things.

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