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This extension is a port from (user script for Greasemonkey).

The icon was taken from:

Thanks to the their authors.

pd: if this extension doesn't work for you, maybe your domain isn't added. Post it in comments and I'll add it asap.

Change Log:

- Added support for new images url (
- Added (turkish version)

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds
    Stable Builds

    Shows actual image size on mouse over in Google Images

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Shows actual image size on mouse over in Google Images

    Change Log:

    - Added lots of localized Google domains. 


  1. Albert says:

    Don’t work…

  2. michael says:

    I have used to use something like it

  3. Marcel says:

    Hey, great extension! But it works only on on the German TLD (for my example) the extension doesn’t work, it just happens nothing! Please fix this in further versions! 🙂

  4. twocandles says:

    Done!! 🙂 I added several localized Google versions… (yours included 😉 ). Should work now…

  5. CryingHowls says:

    It’s a great program – i love it! it saves time and effort.
    My only problem is this: is there any way you can up the speed for the image to be previewed? Making it significantly or a lot faster than clicking the image itself would be very attractive.
    My one suggestion is making it possible to right-click the image after you’ve got the preview of the image to load. Right-clicking on the image will allow you to save it or what not. I think that’d be fantastic.

  6. twocandles says:

    The problem with speed I’m afraid it’s related to the time it takes to contact the remote server the image is hosted and load it rather than a extension problem. When you first load an image (and then stored in cache) next times you mouse over the image it’s shown in no time.

    And about the “save” feature, I’m planning to port another extension so if you click on the image the image itself is loaded rather than the web page it’s in. Then you’ll be able to save it from there. I don’t want to clutter the extension with pop up menus, because it would go against the simpliticy and functionality of the extension: now any mouse action makes the “big” image go away and you’re back to the results page.

    Thanks a lot for you comments!

  7. chris says:

    Great idea but it takes way to long to load. I feel tempted to just click the link and press the “See full-sized picture” button. Also, like what someone else said, it would be great if i could just right click the thumbnail and download the full sized image

  8. Antonio says:

    Great add, but it shows me the images just for a short moment, and hides the image again.

  9. ryefield says:

    looks good but could you please localize it so it will work with too? cheers mate.

  10. twocandles says:

    The image is hidden if you move the cursor. If you just mouse over and don’t move the mouse again, the image will stay.

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