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Loads EXIF data for large images (more then 200×100) and displays it in tooltip.

Change Log:

-Upload fix

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.4
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Display EXIF tooltip on images.

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.5
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Display EXIF tooltip on images.

    Change Log:

    Added ability to create custom template in extesion options

  3. Version 1.6
    Compatible With

    Display EXIF tooltip on images.

    Change Log:


  1. Shift says:

    Hi from habra 😀

  2. Gyteng says:

    Need 35mm information

  3. 3fonov says:

    What did you mean? 35mm means focal length.

  4. Armstrong says:

    Can this extension show things like dpi?

  5. 3fonov says:

    Yes. Just look at the options page.

  6. Armstrong says:

    Then I’ll try it, and probably love it =P

  7. Armstrong says:

    Wow! this was a very nice surprise, I didn’t expect so much options to see. But anyway, this can’t show me the DPI value of my pictures… for example in one shows a “?”, and on another show me a 5… and I don’t know what that suppose to means. I want that shows me if the picture is on 300dpi, 72dpi and so… I don’t know if that’s possible or if I’m doing something wrong =P

    The only thing that I miss and I can’t find on the list is maybe a centimeter value.

    Very useful extension!

  8. 3fonov says:

    Can you point me to image where you have EXIF dpi data?

  9. Armstrong says:

    shows me a “?”

    And here
    shows me a 5

    Maybe is not the correct field? [CompressedBitsPerPixel]

  10. Luc VN says:

    Fantastic, did I miss something or cant you include the filename of the picture?
    Great extension for all serious photography lovers. Voted 5/5
    Could there be a hotkey to temporarily disable when hovering over a pic, just to see what is normally in the balloon?

  11. 3fonov says:

    Strange. It must append info to the ballon. I’ll check.

  12. 3fonov says:

    Armstrong: You can use [XResolution] and [YResolution].

  13. Armstrong says:

    Thank you, that works fine for dpi 😉

  14. Daio says:

    Looks like this extension doesn’t work on OS X version(build 32919 for mac). Popup message doesn’t appear at all.

  15. Gyteng says:

    I mean the equivalent foacl length 35mm

  16. 3fonov says:

    Gyteng: Hm. It’s 35mm lens.
    Daio: Can check this now. It may be not supported on Mac for this time.

  17. Doesn’t work in Iron 4.0.2227 browser version of Chrome

  18. Will Griffith says:

    Did not work for me. I configured the settings and still is not working.

    If I hover over a pic in Chrome, nothing pops up.

  19. Not My Real Name says:

    does this work for the dev mac builds?

  20. nihi_l_ist says:

    New version is much more accurate to cases when to show the results! Thank you for the extension.

  21. 3fonov says:

    Thanks. I’ll introduce a bit more features later.

  22. petetsai says:

    This is great, but is there any chance of making it show from the right click menu like opanda?

  23. Matt says:

    Can an option possibly be added to show gps co-ordinates from the exif of geotagged pictures?


  24. Nemezote says:

    How can I make the tooltip stay on for more than 5 seconds? Its kinda useless that way…

    Great extension though.

  25. Nick says:

    Did this just quit working for anyone else?

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