More about this extension

Translation of a highlighted phrase directly on the opened page is that what this extension does properly. This incredibly light and rapid extension will get you from annoying transitions to a page with Google Translate or any else service.

It’s much faster than other in-line translators and an order of magnitude more beautiful. The only possible settings are language to which it’s necessary to translate and a combination of keys on which pressed a highlighted text will be translated.

The range of supported languages is rather wide: 56 languages are available. By the way, Instant Translate is able to detect language of a highlighted phrase automatically, what’s convenient.

One more thing which is worth emphasising for is that an interface can be displayed in 6 different languages (depends on browser’s interface language): English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Ukrainian.

For start using just install it and select two languages (translate from and to).

Note #1: please, don’t try to translate something in the store. Any extensions doesn’t work here properly.

Note #2: Now the only way to choose key-combinations is to do it in settings.

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