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  1. joestrong says:

    Thanks for this. I often have to look up single word or phrase meanings so this is useful.

    Can you make the interface simpler? i.e. use javascript to remove the google links at the top and sides so you just have the translate box.

  2. July says:

    I agree with joestrong, make it simpler like this one:

    By the way, nice work

  3. korzeniow says:

    works copletly fine fo me. thhanks for that – it’s very useful.

    only more acurate translations from goole and it would be a dream 🙂

  4. Like it but I notice that, when trying to click on the drop-downs for the languages, the window vanishes. I can click on the text box fine, and can tab through to select my languages. A bit of a pain. Otherwise, I like it. Please fix.

  5. dreyk533 says:

    Thanks for telling me, ignore these details, soon will correcting these mistakes!

  6. I really don’t know how to use it ,is it can only translate into ENG?
    What a pity~

  7. very nice, I like it 🙂

  8. José Luis says:

    Could you please add the possibility of opening it with a keyboard shortcut? The rest is perfect

  9. Matej says:

    It would be perfect if selected text could appear in the text edit box when you click on DTranslate icon automaticly without manual copy to clipboard

  10. michael says:

    I think Bubble Translate is better

  11. Luigi says:

    You know, the window closes when you open some other program, when i maximize Skype the window closes, it’s quiet annoying, and could you try to make a option wich makes u able to lock the translation languages you want, it always starts at german to dutch at me, and I want it to start at English to Dutch or Dutch to English

  12. shiva says:

    i really help this options thanQ

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