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The Kami Chrome Extension is a Translation Chrome Extensions
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Kami is a translation extension for Google Chrome that makes translating content on the web much faster and easier. It translates text as you type it, so your translations are always up-to-date. Kami also has a built-in dictionary to help you translate words accurately.

Plus, Kami offers a variety of other features that make it an ideal choice for online translation workflows:

  • You can use the toolbar or shortcuts to quickly insert translated text into any location in your website or document. This saves you time by letting you keep your hands on task while the Extension automatically translates what you're working on.
  • The "Copy link" feature allowsyou to easily copy translated URLs and share them with others without having to worry about mistranslations ruining their experiences.
  • You can set up automatictranslation updates so that your translations are always fresh and accurate - no more waiting hours for changes to propagate through the system!
  • The Kami Chrome Extension is a helpful tool that can boost your productivity.
  • It saves you time by automatically completing tasks that you have saved in a list.
  • It also helps you stay on top of your work by keeping track of your current task, and its progress.
  • Lastly, it helps you stay organized by grouping related tasks together.

Kami is a Google Chrome extension that helps you manage your translations. You can use it to add new translations, edit existing translations, and track the progress of your translation projects. It also has a Translation Tools section where you can find translation resources, including templates and tools for translating text into different languages.

The Kami Chrome Extension also includes the Kami Translator tool. This allows you to translate web pages from one language to another with just a few clicks. To use this feature, first click on the "Translate" button in the toolbar of any page that needs translation. Then select the language you want to translate from and enter your source text (in either English or your target language). Finally, click on the "Start Translating" button to start translating!

If you're looking for ways to get more out of using Kami's features, check out our guide How To Use The Kami Chrome Extension For Better Translation Results!





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