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Google Lens is a Chrome Extension that allows users to interact with the web in a more natural way by feeding data into Google's image recognition algorithms. This allows you to do things like interpret text on images, identify landmarks and items of interest, and even translate text from one language to another.

Some of the great benefits of using Google Lens include: 

  • It makes online shopping easier. By scanning products barcodes or QR codes, you can quickly search for information about them (including reviews and ratings). You can also use it to find similar products across different retailers. 
  • It enhances your searches for information and directions. With Google Maps integration, you can easily find points of interest near you by simply pointing your camera at them! And if you're looking for detailed driving directions, no problem - just point your camera at the map! 

So why is this such a powerful tool? Well, because it uses machine learning algorithms so that it gets better over time - meaning that it will become more accurate as you continue using it. Plus, since everything is stored remotely in the cloud (so there's no need to upload photos or videos), there's never any worry about losing important data or misplacing files!

  • The Google Lens Chrome Extension lets you find information about objects and people in the real world.
  • Just point your camera at something and Google will show you information about it, like its name, description, and rating.
  • You can also use it to snap pictures and save them to your Google Photos album.

Google Lens is a visual search extension for the Google Chrome web browser that allows you to easily find information about items around you. With just a few clicks, you can access information such as information about the object (such as its size, color, and shape), details about the entity (such as its name and biography), or even shopped results from online retailers.

You can use Google Lens in two ways: through the Google Search bar on your website or within any web page. When using it in pages outside of Google Search, simply click on an item to start scanning it. Once your scan is complete, you will be presented with options to perform various actions based on what was found. For example, if an image was scanned and annotated with facts like dimensions and captioning data*, you could share it via social media without ever leaving the page where google lens is installed!

*Annotating images with data requires having a G Suite account





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