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Excel Online is a free online spreadsheets application that enables you to work with your data offline and then sync it automatically back up to the cloud when you're connected to the internet. This makes it perfect for use on devices that don't have access to an office or personal computer.

Plus, Excel Online offers some great features not found in other spreadsheet applications, such as: real-time collaboration, form autofilling, embedded charts and graphs, and automatic backup & restoration. Combined with its Chrome extension, this makes it easy to work with your spreadsheet data from anywhere in the world!

  • The Excel Online Chrome Extension allows you to work on Excel files offline.
  • You can access your data even when you're not connected to the internet.
  • You can also use it to password protect your Excel files.
  • The extension also includes some handy features like the ability to share your work with other people, and track your progress over time.

The Excel Online Chrome Extension is a helpful tool that lets you work with your Excel files from anywhere. You can open, edit, and save files using the extension. Additionally, you can use the extension to share your work with other users on the internet. 

To get started, install the Excel Online Chrome Extension from Google chrome web store. Once installed, open Google chrome and click on "More Tools" in the upper right corner of browser window (or press Ctrl+Shift+T). Then click "Extensions". Click on "Browse new extensions..." icon and find & install Excel Online there. After installation is complete, restart Google chrome for changes to take effect. 

Now let's explore how this Spreadsheets Chrome Extension works: 1) First navigate to any sheet in your spreadsheet; 2) Select file =>Open With =>Excel Online; 3) You will now be prompted to sign into or create an account at http://spreadsheetsonline.com/. If you choose to sign into an account then all of your data will be stored securely within our servers and accessible via this extension.; 4) If you don't have an account yet then clicking on "Create Account" link will walk you through simple registration process.; 5) Next select which version of Microsoft Office(s) you want to use - if it's not already selected for editing mode by default - by selecting which office application program like Word/Excel etc., currently running on your computer.; 6)





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