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The Chrome URL Extension is a Productivity Chrome Extensions
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A Chrome URL Extension is a small program that you can install on your browser to add extra features and functionality to the websites that you visit. Chrome URL Extensions are great choice for users who want to increase their productivity by doing things like adding helpful tools, shortcuts, or informative content. offers a variety of different extensions, all of which are available as free downloads. Some popular options include: 

  • AddTypo - This extension adds Typo errors and suggestions directly into the web page text! It's perfect for students who frequently make typos, or anyone who wants an easy way to fix them quickly without having to go back through the entire article or website. 
  • Grammarly - This extension helps improve your grammar skills by providing feedback on common grammatical mistakes as you type. It also provides videos explaining how to use various grammar rules in context. 
  • SuperSpeed Viewer - This extension allows you to speed up video playback by up to 500%! it works with YouTube, Google Drive files (including offline mode), and many other sites that support streaming media formats (MP4/3GP/FLV).
  • Chrome URL Extension is a handy extension that lets you save webpages as links.
  • You can use it to save articles you are reading, blog posts, or any other pages you want.
  • You can also use it to save any YouTube videos you are watching.
  • The extension also has a built-in bookmarklet that lets you quickly add the saved pages to your bookmarks.

The Chrome URL Extension is a helpful tool that can help you save time and make your online life easier. It's a small, simple extension that allows you to automatically append any web address (including those inside of quotes or brackets) to the end of your current browser URL. This makes it easy to quickly access different pages without having to enter the full url each time. 

To use the Chrome URL Extension, simply install it from Google chrome Web Store, open up your browser, and click on the " extensions " menu item located in the top left corner of the window. From there, search for and select " Chrome URL Extension ". Click on this new icon to activate it, and then start using it as you would any other extension! 

You can also get more out of this Productivity Chrome Extension by following these additional tips: 

  • Use shortcuts - One way to speed up your workflow is by taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts. You can easily copy text snippets or URLs with just one keystroke using Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste), or Shift + Enter (add after quote/bracket). This will come in handy when creating quick notes or linking between pages within browsers.
  • Create custom templates - If there are frequently certain websites you need quick access to often, consider creating a custom template for them so they are automatically appended onto your current browser URL whenever you visit them. This saves both time and effort since all you haveto do




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