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The Chrome History Chrome Extension is a Plugin Manager Chrome Extensions
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The Chrome History Chrome Extension is a great choice for Browser History Chrome Extensions because it allows you to easily manage your browser history and passwords.

ChromeHistory stores all of the pages that you've visited on both desktop and mobile browsers. It also includes page content, cookies, site data (like RSS feeds), images, videos, and forms. This information can be accessed from any web browser that supports the plugin.

The extension has several other useful features too: 

  • You can password protect your history by entering a passcode into the extension's settings area. 
  • You can delete individual entries from your history or entire histories by clicking "Delete" next to each entry in the timeline view. 
  • You can export your chrome history as JSON or CSV files for further analysis or storage elsewhere (e.g., on another computer).
  • The Chrome History extension gives users a quick and easy way to see the history of the websites that they have visited.
  • It lets them track the websites that they have visited for research purposes, for example.
  • It also helps them keep track of the cookies that they have clicked on.
  • It is a great tool for users who want to be more informed about their online activities.

The Chrome History Chrome Extension is a great way to keep track of the websites you've visited and the pages you've viewed. It enables you to easily see which pages have been recently opened, closed, or edited. The extension also keeps track of your browsing history on all websites (including Google websites), so that you can access information quickly and easily without having to remember multiple passwords or login credentials.

To get the most out of this Browser History Chrome Extension, it's important to use it correctly. Here are some tips: 

  • Always open the extension in incognito mode when visiting new sites so that your history is not stored on those sites. This will prevent personal data from being collected and used by the company behind the extension. 
  • If you want to delete a site from your history, just click on its name in the list and then choose 'Delete Site'. Note that this action cannot be undone!
  • To save space on your computer, consider deleting old entries occasionally (for example, if you're done with them). This will help make room for newer entries as they arrive in your browser histories.




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