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The 7tv Chrome Extension is a Television Chrome Extensions
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The 7tv Chrome Extension is a great choice for users who want to watch their favorite television shows and movies without having to log in every time. It allows you to automatically add your current show or movie title into the extension's queue, so you can watch it right when it airs. The extension also has a built-in activity tracker that records how much time you've spent watching each episode, as well as which channels you watched them on. This information helps you track your progress and see where you could improve.

7tv is one of the most popular Television Chrome Extensions because it's easy to use, efficient, and customizable. If TV isn't your thing but you still need a way to monitor your online activity then the 7tv Chrome Extension would be an excellent choice!

  • The 7tv Chrome Extension allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies without any buffering or delays.
  • You can also follow your favorite shows and actors to get notifications when new episodes or movies are released.
  • You can also join discussion forums and connect with other users.

The 7tv Chrome Extension is a free and easy to use television tool that lets you watch your favorite shows while on the go. The 7tv Chrome Extension simply installs as a plugin and adds seven popular channels (BBC America, BBC World News, CBS All Access, FOX Now, HISTORY Channel Canada, ITV Encore UK & Ireland, and TV Land USA) to your current web browser. Once installed, just click on the channel's icon to watch live or DVR-ed content. You can also search for specific shows or movies using our unique show finder feature.

To get the most out of this Television Chrome Extension:

-Use it with Chromecast: Simply open up the 7tv channel in your Chromecast app and cast it onto your big screen!

-Download videos for offline viewing: Keep those episodes of Game of Thrones safe by downloading them directly to your computer before watching them offline.

-Get more out of WebOS devices: The 7TV extension works with all WebOS devices running Chrome OS v66 or later (Chrome 68 will be launching soon). So even if you don't have a desktop or laptop at home yet - you're able to access all of the great features our extension has to offer!





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