Best Google Chrome Extensions

With Google Chrome reaching new heights and its user base increasing, there has been a great influx of extensions flooding the web.  This led to a situation where a user is confused about which is better, what to choose and download. We at prepared a list of best chrome extensions which could help our users to get out of this dilemma. This list is just a start up and we hope to add the missing jewels soon.

Gmail chrome extension

Imagine one click access to your mail and all your unread mails under one roof. Well if you are an internet savvy and hate to open and close tabs every time you want to check your mail, this is what you are searching for. A perfect extension to help you out with ease. Try it to feel the difference.

Google Voice extension

Ever wondered making calls via Google, preview your mail inbox and automatically get notification for new message, all under single application ? If not then its time to grab this extension and start having the all in one experience with Google.
If you have used the previous version, then you will be surprised to know that multiple account sign in is available in this version. All you need to do is enable it on your Google Voice Account.

IE tab for chrome

The monopoly browser has been crushed down but there are many sites which still need them for loading perfectly. The Internet hosts many websites which require certain ActiveX controls to load a page successfully.
Here in, it is worth mentioning that these only run on IE and opening and closing IE just for these sites might not be a good thing to do. So what is the solution? The IE tab renders Internet explorer page inside chrome to help you out of trouble. You can also set which pages to load automatically in IE tab so that you need not worry about it the next time you open that same website.

Facebook chrome extension

Facebook is the most popular of all the Social Networks. Due to the wide use and popularity of this site, a simple chrome extension was designed to benefit the chrome users. They can now enjoy the fun of social networking in chrome with the help of this extension. Have fun.

Adblock chrome extension

Adblock is an open source project, which aims at providing a feel safe environment for all the users. Though it was initially developed for Firefox, the demand for the same in Chrome led the developers to launch it for chrome. It was previously known as AdThwart and undoubtedly one of the best ad prevention extension available in our store so far.

1password chrome extension

This comes as a relief for all the Mac lovers. This tool can help you manage all your passwords in easiest possible way and that too with a quality encryption technique. The best part about this extension is that it has shred all the bugs as compared to its predecessor version. This new Beta version all set for a final release soon. Wait for more updates.

Delicious chrome extension

It has got a customized shortcut key for Keyboard. Bookmarks can now be more easily tagged and arranged. This extension is available only via their official website but we requested some contacts to bring it here for you. Now we have this here for you.

Chrome Toolbox

Undoubtedly the best extension for every Chrome users. It has got warning message box for multiple tab close and and interactive individual tab page customization. You can also specify quick launch keys and shortcuts to suit it all up to your personal requirement. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. You might have some problems with synchronization with your Gmail account at least once after you have installed it. Restart Chrome and it wont bother you again.

Alexa chrome extension

Alexa is the best option for every information seeker related to any site. It provides you the rank status, back-links and many more in depth information about any website in a single click. This extension is a must have for all webmasters and Domain brokers to have an edge in the competition.

Google Notebook for chrome

Some might find it weird that Google has stopped Notebook services but why am I still listing it here. It is because the Google Notebook services will never be scrapped for the primitive users and they can enjoy the benefits as long as Google runs it for them. The new users are left out in the run, so there is nothing this extension can do for them. Those who are still in love with the Notebook this ones for you.

World Of Solitaire

Tired of playing cheap games and frustrated with the amount of time it takes to load each time you start it? World of Solitaire is a simple chrome extension that redirects you to the landing page of the official website and the board is all set by default so that you can start playing immediately. There are more than 30 plus different card games and you can select your level of competence to ease your playing experience.
If you think that there are some better extensions left out, don’t forget to contact us with the missing names. We would look into it and refresh the list so that only the best one makes it up to this list.