PageExtension - 1.9.1

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1: This will help you lock the page zoom ratio and show large or small page to fit you screen.
2: This has reload function to help you to refresh page automatic and you can use this function to set a custom javascript code to run period. such as
var content=document.body.innerHTML;
Chrome’ version should higher than

  • 1.9.1
  • chao
  • Stable Builds

More about this extension


1、Auto save and restore zoom ratio.

2、Add auto refresh page function by define interval second

Change Log:

1、Fix some bugs

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Change Log:

    remove open site function which may be confused by users.

  3. Version 1.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Change Log:

    1?display menu left to wrench and remove button from bottom.

    2?add custom zoom level function.

  4. Version 1.2.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds (Linux).Beta Builds
    Developer Builds

    Change Log:

    1?Auto save and restore zoom ratio.

  5. Version 1.5
    Compatible With

    Change Log:

    1?Add auto refresh page function by define interval second

  6. Version 1.5.1
    Compatible With
    Stable Builds

    Change Log:

    3?fix some bugs

  7. Version 1.9
    Compatible With
    Stable Builds

    Change Log:

    1?Add custom javascript code define 

    2?Fix bug on load page error which will make the refresh fail


  1. BLeAm says:

    I think this extension is some kinda of scam, after installed it, there will be an orange icon and gonna exploding a bunch of Chinese websites whenever you click it, I don’t know if this happens just only.

  2. Umang says:

    Spam add on. DO NOT INSTALL. It only opens some twenty different tabs.

    this extension open different tabs is extra function to myself to quick view my favorite site and this site is not ad or virus site.

    you can find zoom function button at left corner .

  3. Umang says:

    1.1 is much better and the Spam function(?) has been removed.

    However, it would be better if the button were in the address bar or besides Wrench menu, as the Extensions bar wastes a lot of space for one button only.

    Also, if the Extensions bar is undocked (so it can be seen only from the New Tab page), then clicking the Zoom button results in an odd-looking menu.

  4. Angel says:

    My thoughts are unimportant but most mouse come with zoom function support anyway use middle scroll to turn on/off scroll up and down for zoom in and zoom out

  5. ink says:

    this extension doesnt seem to work .. it says it is at version 1.1 but when installed, chromium reports it as version 1.0 and it doesnt do anything ..the option button shows an empty page

    tested it on chromium on linux version (32034)

  6. stranix says:

    It would be great to choose any scale, for example i would use 115%, also there are mistakes in google services.
    In google reader bottom line disappears, gmail doesn’t work change of scale. And better to remove from the bottom bar.

  7. QQFarmer says:

    Good job. Thanks a lot. One little suggestion: can we have a custom zoom level? I personally like 110%.

  8. fridayC says:

    Good start.. Instead of task bar menu, how about plus, minus, and reset toolbar buttons next to wrench?

  9. QQFarmer says:

    Also the popup menu doesn’t display correctly(I’m on an English system). Can we have it in English also? An multilingual option? Thank you so much.

  10. ericett says:

    First, thanks for this extension – it’s very helpful.

    Second, I’d like to add my ‘vote’ to the request for the ability to create custom zoom level.

    Thanks a bunch – it really is a handy extension!

  11. rept says:

    it seems its still the 1.0 ???

  12. Luke says:

    Doesn’t work anymore with!! But i need it!! Any news on new release of this nice plugin??? Plsss
    Chao do a new version plsss

  13. inky says:

    This ext. breaks the aniweather extension when zoomed to 150%. Graphics are off the page. Can you please add zoom text only? Can you also add save zoom value on Chrome startup?

  14. Sergey Olekhnovich says:

    Great work!
    Thanks a lot!

  15. hex says:

    Is is possible to make this extension zoom in/out with right mouse button + scroll up/down?

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