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Z3D Goole Chrome Extension is a new way to surf the web. Wear you 3D anaglyph glasses and web pages will gain the third dimension.
Just click “Z3D” button to activate the anaglyph effect. Click again to turn it off.
You can choose between Red-Cyan, Red-Blue, Red-Green and Amber-Blue glasses.

This is probably the useless Google Chrome Extension ever written…
but I bet you’ll try to touch the fonts coming out your monitor.

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  1. Version 0.21
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    Developer Builds
    Developer Builds (Linux)

    Enjoy surfing three-dimensional, stereoscopic and anaglyph web. Z3D creates impressive 3D text animations.

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  1. Marco Buongiorno says:

    bene bene … molto bene grazie

  2. 小猪起床 says:

    my god

  3. Todero says:

    :S very strange, amazing and brain hurting extension xD

  4. aoick says:

    wow..its very very … amazing…

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