OpticBlue Theme - 1.1

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OpticBlue is a dark background theme with high contrast blue text that’s easy on the eyes and great for navigating tabs and bookmarks. The ‘active tab’ features a bright header bar that can stand out in a sea of tabs and the low contrast geometric background and subtle ribbed toolbar add to the finish without distracting from the content. Also available: OpticGreen, OpticRed, OpticAmber, OpticWhite.

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  • raljanalli
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Change Log:

v1.1 - Internal name change. Logo graphic tweak.

v1.0 - Original public release

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  1. Version 1.0
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  1. Seth Cruz says:

    I cannot uninstall or delete this extension for some reason.

  2. Seth Cruz says:

    It is a theme not an extension even though it says “More about this extension”:

    Remove a theme

    Follow these steps (for Windows):

    Click the Tools menu.
    Select Options.
    Click the Personal Stuff tab.
    In the “Themes” section, click Reset to default theme.
    You’ll see the classic Google Chrome blue theme again.

  3. PERCE-NEIGE says:

    The theme is good, but that’s I don’t like is that the cross to close a tab is very hard to see now. Can it be improved?

  4. raljanalli says:

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any way to adjust the default colors of certain controls including the Close button on the tabs within the theme structure. Fortunately, the Close button is always at the right end of every tab and when the cursor is placed over it the control turns bright red so hopefully it’s just a minor inconvenience until you get used to it.

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