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Middle click on a page navigates to the content of the primary selection. Doesn’t work on the new tab page. [Requires Linux and build 25669, works best with build 29474 or newer.]

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  1. Zak Smith says:

    The most common action I do to open a URL on a unix machine is to select a URL from an text email client (e.g. a new-forum-post notification) using standard X selection, change focus to a browser window, hit C-t to create a new tab, and then middle mouse button somewhere in the new tab (ie, where it ended up from the change in focus) to open the URL in the new tab. This is very fast and efficient and uses a minimal number of mechanical/logical steps.

    This extension does not work with Chromium with regard to this behavior.

  2. vandebo says:


    The chrome extension system does not permit modifications of pages like the new tab page so this extension won’t work for your workflow. However, chrome has built-in support for your workflow. Instead of hitting C-t to create a new tab and then middle clicking, just middle click the new tab button. It will create a new tab, using the content of the primary selection as the url.

  3. pepe says:

    Thanks a lot, lack of this feature is the reason why I’ve not been using chrome for the last years. Maybe they also support proper “active bookmarks” by now…

    – Is there a patch against chrome so I can compile it in and get the full feature set(paste on empty tab)?
    – Why does the latest version expect access to browser history?
    – Could you please remove leading and trailing space and newline characters before loading the URL? Chrome does that also when pasting directly into the URL bar. For better support of pasting from terminal, space in front of newlines should also be discarded.


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