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This is a Google Chrome extension which enables mouse strokes (also known as mouse gestures) in the browser. With this extension, you can perform common tasks by simply wipe your mouse. With the right mouse button pressed, draw the letter ‘h’ (down, up, right, down) to open the help page. Note that due to the security restrictions of Google Chrome extension system, the extension works in regular web pages only (any http:// or https:// sites) at this time, that means your strokes won’t work in pages like ‘chrome://newtab’ or ‘chrome://extensions’

Change Log:

+ Multi-language support

* Bug fix

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

  3. Version 1.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

    + Automatically translate older version configurations to new versions
    + Add many new strokes:
      maximize window
      undo close tab
      duplicate tab
      close other tabs
      add/remove bookmarks
      text zooming
      take screenshots
    * Other minor changes

  4. Version 1.4
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

    * Fix a bug introduced in v1.3, which suppresses the context menu

    + Add trails
    + Add icons

  5. Version 1.5
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

    + Unset stroke button
    + Trail colors
    * Honor settings in the options page
    * Circulate tab navigation

  6. Version 1.6
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

    + Add the following strokes:
      Scroll Up One Page
      Scroll Down One Page
      Upper Level In Url
      Increase Number In Url
      Decrease Number In Url
      Open Link In New Window
      Open Link In New Background Tab
      Open Link In New Foreground Tab
      Bookmark This Link
      View Image
      Stop Page Loading
      Search Selected Text
    + Add an option to temporarily disable strokes by pressing Alt key
    * Fix some bugs

  7. Version 1.7
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

    + User Defined Stroke support.
    * Some bug fixes.

  8. Version 1.8
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds (Linux)
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

    + Linux (and hopefully Mac) support
    + Rocker strokes (Windows only)
    + Mouse wheel strokes (Windows only)
    + Drag strokes
    * Some bug fixes.

  9. Version 1.9.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds (Linux).Beta Builds
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:

  10. Version 1.9.3
    Compatible With
    Beta Builds
    Developer Builds (Linux)
    Developer Builds

    Use mouse strokes to accelerate your operations

    Change Log:


  1. Pierre says:

    How do I access the options menu?

  2. ganquan says:

    Draw ‘h’ (down, up, right, down) with the right mouse key pressed.

    There is no config entry point for extensions in Chrome at this time, so this method is used

  3. gobonja says:

    Gmail doesn’t work when Mouse Stroke enabled.

  4. cyb says:

    version 1.0 of this extension is COMPLETE CRAP – besides not having working config panel it disturbs opening and functioning of Gmail website

  5. Umang says:

    Options page doesn’t load. Webpage not available.

  6. davv says:

    its total uber ownage with my touchscreen hp ! highly recommended.

  7. davv says:

    its very useful for a touchscreen user like me

    heres the url of the settings page :

    it works on my laptop, and doesnt on my desktop. hope it works for you

    you can use that url to see the source :
    in case it doesnt work maybe you can figure out something with that

  8. davv says:

    nevermind its :


  9. gggofn says:

    draw an ‘h’ only open this page: chrome-extension://undefined/options.html
    which is 404

  10. Shiva says:

    Don’t work on chrome internal pages like default, error, extentions. Don’t have mouse trail.

  11. ganquan says:

    Some bugs has been addressed, please see the change log for version 1.1

    Please report bugs at the support page (

    Thank you.

  12. davv says:

    works properly now, good job 🙂

    everything works fine, just the “Mouse Stroke Options” wont open when doint the gesture
    tried changing the gesture, doenst work

    but its no problem since theres an options button in the chrome:extensions page 😉

    thanks alot !
    this is my favorite chrome extension. 200% touchscreen ownage.

  13. davv says:

    erm the options button in the extensions page is gone 😮

  14. davv says:

    it still can be accessed from


    keep up the good work, you’re nearly there !

  15. ganquan says:

    Strokes added in v1.2
    * maximize window
    * undo close tab
    * duplicate tab
    * close other tabs
    * add/remove bookmarks
    * text zooming
    * take screenshots

    There are more to come.

  16. majkers says:

    for me zooms and going to the page top and down is not working…

  17. Andrew says:

    Thanks! Works almost perfectly together with ChromeGestures: that extension has non-working strokes but displays on screen how you move your mouse, and this one has (almost) working gestures :))

  18. zz887878zz says:

    how to clear a set stroke ?

  19. ganquan says:

    Could you please report the gestures that doesn’t work for you on the support site?
    PS: This one also draws mouse trails since version 1.3, you can even customize the trail color since version 1.5.

    Thanks for the idea, an unset button has been added by the side of the set stroke button in version 1.5. Also, please report bugs and request features on the support site.

  20. Karlo says:

    Is it true this does not work in Ubuntu?
    Extension looks cool, and really want it to work 🙂

  21. Dickymathews says:

    I’m running 4.0.222/12 on Vista, and none of the gestures work. Even tried adding my own and it won’t let me.

  22. Carlos says:

    I draw any letter in different sites and nothing happen!! How do you do it!?

  23. enalpha says:

    Doesn´t work for me in Ubuntu with Chromium, is there something to do?

  24. Grrrreeeaaaaatttttt 😀
    Miss it from Firefox and this version works well ^^
    Thanks a lot

  25. ganquan says:

    All Linux users, support for Linux Chromium is on the way, just install the extension and upgrade regularly.
    At this time, to get Mouse Stroke work in Linux, you HAVE TO set the trigger to LEFT mouse button (the default is RIGHT button).

    Again, please report bugs here:
    That is the official support site, use it. Don’t forget to provide your operation system, chrome version, chrome build number, and version of the extension itself.

    Thank you.

  26. Jeppe says:

    Very promising. I have problems with the history back and history forward function – nothing happens. I have also the slightest problem concerning the recognition of certain gestures. The D R gesture is rather sensitive and I seem to have to actually pull the R a bit downwards for it to be recognized. Otherwise, I love that you are working at this from Chrome! Thank you a lot – I hope the feedback is useful to you.

  27. gedw99 says:

    WOrks perfectly !!

    Make sure you refresh any open pages after you install this, so that the extension kernal can inject the correct code from this extension into the page.

  28. Vee says:

    Good job.
    I’ve almost become chrome user. Just a little bit with the mouse gestures need to be done 🙂 Is it possible to make all buttons of the mouse (left right and wheel) work at the same time? Fx., Right click with Left click gives some action and Left click with Right click gives another. You have here maximize…what about minimize? It is very useful. Therefore, think of wheel button. Fx., right click+wheel up=maximize..right click+wheel down=minimize.
    Anyway, nice work. Good luck 😉

  29. JackTheKiller says:

    Works perfectly here! (Win7 x64)

    Can you add an action? I want to open the “Extensions Tab” with a gesture, like I did with Firefox’s extension. I miss this a lot…

    Also… Can you add a “Right Click + Left Click” and “Left Click + Right Click” too?

    Anyway, I loved this extension!

  30. Tyler Brainerd says:

    It seems that i can’t install this to chromium as of right now.

    I get this error:
    Content scripts can not be executed on file:// urls.

  31. someone says:

    It doesn’t work when viewing a picture. I have version 1.6

  32. malhaar says:

    please bring the picture of gesture in options menu..
    so it will be easier to recall it..

  33. Silas Greenback says:

    This is the mouse gesture extension I’ve been looking for.

    I use Firefox as my default browser and Firegestures as my mouse gesture plug-in. Lack of a good extension for mouse gestures has always made me put Chrome on the back burner.

    This is very similar to Firegestures in that’s it’s easy to program (maybe easier) and easy to use. This is the extension that will make me use Google Chrome much more often.

    Thanks Ganquan!

  34. ganquan says:

    Now Mouse Stroke supports user defined strokes! check out the option page of the new version, there are some examples. You can also write your own stroke scripts, here is how:

  35. balaji says:

    Now Chrome is really enjoyable. I was too used to fire gestures in firefox I felt handicapped to use any browser without gestures. Thanks to the developers and I would like to suggest few points.

    1. Please provide an option for the thickness of the mouse trail
    2. To export and import the settings
    3. Wheel gestures as in fire gestures

    Thank you
    Balaji Chegu

  36. ganquan says:

    Rocker strokes, mouse wheel strokes and drag strokes are added in v1.8, also Linux support is improved.

  37. byheaven says:

    also from thu? This extension is really an excellent job.

  38. Helium says:

    hey, absolutly loveing the plugin, (will make me move from opera) only thing i miss is being able to have [D] to open a new blank/homepage window and also being able to use [D] (but with the starting point a link) to open the link in a new tab, if you can sort that out this is perfect.

    Also yeah would like it to work on chromes internal pages but possible out of your control???

    Thanks alot!!

  39. ivanzoid says:

    doesn’t work on browser-generated pages 🙁

  40. Maclaggen says:

    doesn’t work on browser-generated pages – или, по-русски, не работает на страницах, генерируемых браузером =\\. Да, это проблема=\

  41. kickass says:

    nice stuff. must download.

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