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Known Issues:

-The minimize tabs function does not persist

-Header resizing, at times does not persist.

(Thanks to the unsung hero, who wishes to remain unnamed, who help in the port.)

This extension hides the left tabs for your iGoogle page. It allows you to enable and disable it from the tools menu, at your convenience. This is designed for end user ease of use, and is what we think Google should have done. Just place your mouse over the words “iGoogle tabs” to reveal your tab menu which supports canvas view.

A video demo of the addon can be found here:

This extension is perfect for those who like the personalized Google homepage but have limited screen space, like on the new and popular netbooks.

This updated version adds a way to reduce the size of the top header on your iGoogle page. This makes for a much improved interface for netbooks, as the header does not block most of the screen. The header is adjustable by hovering over the word Timedyn in the iGoogle Tabs menu and clicking Resize Header. Then click anywhere in the header section to resize it to that point.

A new Minimize Tabs option was also added to completely hide the iGoogle Tabs menu. You can restore the menu by clicking on the small triangle next to the more triangle in the upper most part of the web page.

PLEASE NOTE: While in reduced modes, you will not be able to see the undo or add stuff messages provided by Google. We suggest making changes to your tabs by resizing the header back to the original size first.

Change Log:

Fixed hover Menu bar

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.94
    Compatible With

    Hides the iGoogle left navigation tabs and header, so you have more room to browse. Port to Chrome of FF iGoogle Tab Remover 1.9.5

    Change Log:



  1. QQFarmer says:

    Please pardon me for being blunt but this is just ridiculous: hiding the new features of Google which have just been added because they have been requested by millions and millions of users?

  2. davidmrubin says:

    @qqfarmer, iGoogle users, especially those computers that have small screens, are now leaving iGoogle because of the screen real estate wasted by the new implementation. That is why I wrote the addon, to increase its functionality.

  3. Ken says:

    Using my laptop or netbook, I need all the screen real estate I can get. I was about ready to dump igoogle as my home page. Thank you for making this extension. I really dislike Google for forcing these tabs on us without a way to turn them off.

  4. Angel says:

    they fixed that issue as f11 gives you more screen then you ever could need.

  5. Edam241 says:

    David, despite the few naysayers, this is a very welcome addition to Chrome and I, and a lot of other users, am thankful for it. That Home tab was the most ridiculous thing added to the iGoogle page yet.

    Thanks again.

  6. Thoralf says:

    Lots and lots of iGoogle users are pretty upset about the recent navibar change. It’s wasting space and doesn’t add functionality.

    So yes, this extension is very useful!

  7. Bapabooiee says:

    Did this really have to be packaged as an Extension? I’m going to assume this is just a simple user script hooked-in using a manifest.

    When you open *.user.js files in Chrome, you are now presented with an Install screen — making it much more friendly to install user scripts. Plus, user scripts will now be available by default, without having to add the `–enable-user-scripts’ flag.

    So really, this would be more suitable on, or something.

  8. chris says:

    nice. thanks. i like it but judging by your coments not many others do

  9. Jo says:

    As a mac user I can’t install extensions or manage bookmarks or quite a few other things yet. My greatest despair is the stupid home tab that takes up sooo much of my screen. Can’t use Chrome until they fix it. My eyes can’t take the tiny text that is forced on the screen because of the lack of real estate. I check back every couple of weeks to see if there’s any help, but no. Just venting here. Good on you for the extension you’ve made.

  10. smokes says:

    this is quite awesome man 🙂

  11. ash21 says:

    I’ve made an extension for iGoogle too which can be used to hide both the search area and the left navigation area thereby maximising the area available for gadgets.
    You can find it here

  12. Susi says:

    Works a trea and only takes 3 seconds to do. Thanks sooo much.

  13. cautious_browser says:

    When I hit the install button, I get a warning that this extension can access my data on all websites. What’s up with that? Does it mean my login info for my bank’s web site will now go to the person who wrote this extension?

  14. davidmrubin says:

    The only information the extension uses is the title of the page and the URL to be sure that the extension works on all versions of igoogle, including the non-US versions. The code can easily be read to ensure that nothing malicious is occurring.
    enjoy the addon,

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