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s                Scroll Down
w                Scroll Up
r                 reload
c                close Tab
Shift+c       reopen Tab
a                previous Tab
d                next Tab
Shift+a       history Back
Shift+d       history Forward
Shift+s       scroll To Bottom
Shift+w       scroll To Top

v Mode

press v, then:

s              scroll To Bottom
w              scroll To Top

zoom Mode

press z, then:
w              zoom In
s              zoom Out
d              zoom More
a              zoom Reduce
z              undo zoom changes


b               activate link hints mode to open in current page
Shift+b       activate link hints mode to open in new tab

(Ctrl+ or Alt+)

Ctrl + a        move First Or SelectAll
Ctrl + f         move End
Ctrl + d        move Forward
Ctrl + s        move Backward
Ctrl + e        delete Forward
Ctrl + q        delete Backward

Gamer's bonuses

f                  flashlight  (test here:
g                grenade  (test here:
h                 flashbang
n                nightvision

P.S. doesn't work on,*,* and https//*

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