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This extension previously was hosted in the official Google Chrome extension gallery.

Why was this extension gone for a while? Facebook Inc. notified me, and a handful of other developers that we were infringing on their trademarks. After more investigation on my part, I have found that the name “Facebook” and the “F” logo violates their trademarks. The name of this extension has been changed to “FB Rounder” in order to comply with the trademark rules.                             

                                         ★★★★★Top Rated★★★★★
FB Rounder was consistently among the 60 highest rated Chrome extensions in the official gallery.
That’s out of over 10,000+ extensions! gives it 4/5 stars saying that “The changes [FB Rounder] makes are subtle, but the cumulative effect is quite attractive.”
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                                     ★★★★★Latest Update★★★★★
4.1 MINOR UPDATE: Fixed syntax error some users were experiencing. It was caused by the ad block.

* Fixes the ad block, which had stopped working in some places. Some ads still get through occasionally, but the majority of them have been blocked.
** Added support for the “new” profile/page design. (Large image friends list not complete)
*** Added rounding support for the ever popular “FB Photo Zoom” extension.
**** Added rounding to many new elements, as well as fixing some (e.g. chat box)

So as you can see, there were a few things which needed updating, and there were also a few things which I was unable to finish completely. I decided that it was not fair to hold back the update any longer, and figured I would release this major update as version 4.0. A version 4.1 may come in the near future, if any new ideas come to mind. Enjoy it! I think it looks even better than before 🙂

                            ★★★★★What it Does and Doesn’t Do★★★★★
FB Rounder adds rounded corners to dozens of elements on FB . As an added bonus, it blocks all ads!

The extension now uses a combination of CSS and JavaScript (to remove ads). This combination is extremely fast, however you may notice some delay in the ad removal. This is normal.

FB Rounder never accesses your private data.
It also does not clutter, or rearrange your FB page.

                              ★★★★★Known Issues to be Fixed★★★★★
Some ads are still appearing even after the 4.0 update. I may find a fix for them, but as of right now I don’t know how to remove them. 

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