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Your boss pops in on you as your browsing non-work related websites like Facebook or YouTube or any others, you need a panic button, just press F12 or (~) and watch the images slowly fade away and hide and turn the text into Latin so that your boss will not notice or even understand if he does glance up at your screen 🙂

You can reverse the process by pressing the keys again, but it doesn’t reverse everything.

Note: You must reload your current tabs after installing this extension the very first time to activate the keys.


  1. no luck says:

    F12 or ~ didn’t do anything

  2. Anymonous says:

    It doesn’t wok on me 🙁

  3. Angel says:

    if using a forum some turns to white how ever it does not work

  4. Angel says:

    Ok pictures do fade which would be ok if were on a porn site

  5. PERCE-NEIGE says:

    Doesn’t work.

  6. PERCE-NEIGE says:

    Not even useful on pictures, the fading doesn’t stay and the second time you use it, it doesn’t fade anymore. Bugged extension. The idea could be useful.

  7. jatin says:

    it works

  8. Gobolino says:

    Esto no sirve. No pierdan su tiempo.

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