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WhoisDomain Full Domain Lookup - 1.0

Extension meant for Developer Builds of Google Chrome 4.0+

it is a webmaster (SEO) extension which shows you some informations (domain whois,pagerank,server ip,alexa rank etc.)about recent domain.

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More about this extension

“WhoisDomain Full Domain Lookup” is an extremely light-weight extension which adds a small button  next to addressbar. WHOIS SEO button allow you to perform a full lookup very quickly and easily.
“WhoisDomain Full Domain Lookup” extension shows you those informations in one page ;
# Domain Whois Lookup Result
# Server(Domain Name) IP
#Server (Litespeed,Apache,GWS,etc.)
#Other Web Sites Hosted Same Server
# Google pagerank
# Alexa Rank
# Dmoz
# Yahoo Directory
# Google backlink count
# Yahoo backlink count
# Altavista backlink count
# Google indexed page count
# Bing indexed page count
# Yahoo indexed page count
# Altavista indexed page count
# Google Bot Last Visit Time
#Site description
#Site Keywords
If  you want to open whois result page in a new tab  : Right-click on whois icon and click “Options” , mark “Open results in new tab.”  than save it.

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