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Magic Inputs Filler - 1.0.3

Extension meant for Developer Builds of Google Chrome 4.0+

This extension is very usefull for web developers who work with huge forms that contain lots of inputs, textareas, checkboxes, radiobuttons and selects. You shouldn’t type all the data manual anymore. Just use the Magic Inputs Filler.

  • 1.0.3
  • GPL
  • alimsky
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More about this extension

The workflow of this extension is very simple, it founds all the inputs on the page and tries to fill it according to it’s type. It’s reasoning based on the classes, ids and names of inputs. There is some usefull options inside, that helps you to select what exactly to fill.

Somehow, it determines:
  • emails
  • passwords
  • CAPTCHAs (no, you just may to ask extension to leave this fields without value)
  • confirms
  • credit cards
  • some kind of numeric fields
All the other kinds of controls will be filled with just randomly generated content. Just try it. You will see that by yourself.

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