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YouTube Smart Search

Have you ever tried searching for a video on YouTube in the midst of watching another video? It stops the current video, and changes to a new page that shows you the search results. Annoying, right?
Well not anymore; Enter YouTube SmartSearch! YouTube Instant Search on YouTube itself – no 3rd-party site required.
The extension will display search results elegantly within the same YouTube page you’re currently on and allows you to watch, queue or add a video result to a playlist with a click on a mouse.


  • Instant Search – You will see results while you type, just like in Google Instant.
  • Instant Preview – Hover over the video results for an instant video preview.
  • Customizable – Control the different aspects of searching and result display. Settings page will appear when the extension icon is clicked.
  • High performance – Results appear lightning fast.

How do you use it?

After a quick installation, just surf to YouTube ( on Google Chrome and start typing in the search bar on the top part of the page. You will start seeing results instantly. Additionally, you may choose from the search term suggestions to show more accurate results.


The extension uses only the YouTube API and does not save any information about you, your searches or watched videos.

Screenshot Examples

Suggestions Instant Search Settings

Suggestions results

Instant Search

Fully configurable