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Textme - 1.0.7

Extension meant for Developer Builds of Google Chrome 4.0+

Share text, images, videos and links from your browser to any mobile phone in India using instant messages. It’s fast and it’s free.

Textme is a free send-to-mobile service that allows you to easily share any online content to a mobile phone. Textme supports all major browsers and works like a charm on all computers. It’s the best solution when you need to send something to a phone but don’t want to go through the trouble of typing it out on your mobile keypad.

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More about this extension

Say you need to share a page link. Clicking the textme button quickly shares the link of the page you were on with any mobile number.

Sending an address, joke or article snippet is as easy as selecting the text and clicking the textme button. Only the selected text will be sent to the mobile.

Images and videos can be similarly sent via an image/video link. Right click on an image and select textme from the menu that appears.

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