Google Chrome Extensions

Bookmarklets Manager

Selected bookmarklets to install :

Wikit : search the selected text on Wikipedia (multi language support).
PageTranslate : translate this page with Google Translate (multi language).
TextTranslate : translate the selected text with Google Translate (multi language).
FindURL : find URLs that contains a specific string.
TabLink : open all link of the page in new tab.
TextColor : change the text-color of the page.
HideImg : hide all images of the page.
WhoIsThis : search whois for the selected text.
WhoIsServer : search whois for the site server.
AllowRightClick : allow right click in the page if it had been disabled.
gNotes : add the selected text to your Google Bloc-Notes.
Youtube : search the selected text on Youtube.
eBay : search the selected text on eBay.
gImages : search the selected text on Google Images.
gDefine : search the selected text on Google Define.
siteCookies : show cookies used by the website.
siteRobots : show robots file of the website.
siteLinks : show count number of links in the page.
siteMails : show mailto of the page.
W3C-MarkUp : check the page on W3C MarkUp Validator.
W3C-Links : check the page on W3C Link Checker.
W3C-CSS : check the page on W3C CSS Validator.
Delicious : bookmark the page on
Wiktionary : search selected text on
Acronym : search selected text on Acronym Finder.
SiteAdvisor : check page on McAfee SiteAdvisor.
Twitter It : post page on Twitter.

To do:
– Add a function which sort the bookmarks according to their type (folder, bookmarks, script).