4c Currency Converter Calculator - 1.0.2


4c Currency Converter Calculator alows you to quickly convert currencies.

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More about this extension

At this moment 4c Converter support the fallowing currencies :

-Euro (EUR)
-US dollar (USD)
-Japanese yen (JPY)
-Bulgarian lev (BGN)
-Czech koruna (CZK)
-Danish krone (DKK)
-Estonian kroon (EEK)
-Pound sterling (GBP)
-Hungarian forint (HUF)
-Lithuanian litas (LTL)
-Latvian lats (LVL)
-Polish zloty (PLN)
-Romanian leu (RON)
-Swedish krona (SEK)
-Swiss franc (CHF)
-Norwegian krone (NOK)
-Croatian kuna (HRK)
-Russian rouble (RUB)
-New Turkish lira (TRY)
-Australian dollar (AUD)
-Brasilian real (BRL)
-Canadian dollar (CAD)
-Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY)
-Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
-Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
-South Korean won (KRW)
-Mexican peso (MXN)
-Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
-New Zealand dollar (NZD)
-Philippine peso (PHP)
-Singapore dollar (SGD)
-Thai baht (THB)
-South African rand (ZAR)

*The currencies are updated daily.



  1. Doctorpwnz says:

    Russian ruble(RUB)?

  2. ayrihuay says:

    esta muy bueno pero le faltan monedas. sobre todo las de latino América.
    Seria bueno poder agregarlas…

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