Chromy - 1.1.1


Extension has moved to official site
Chromy add a button which show Tools and your Bookmarks in a popup.
Options lets you construct your own toolbars, arrange them, add your own tools.
Comes with several search tools, scrolling tools , social tools (twitter + delicious), translate tools, inspect tools (w3c) and some Chrome shortcuts.

Bookmarklets Manager - 3.3.4


Extension has moved to official site

A bookmarks and bookmarklets manager for having them under a single icon, also add tools-bar for functionalities (scroll, goto top, goto bottom).
Fully customizable extension with themes and options.
Ctrl+Click or MiddleClick opens links in a new background tab.
Click on arrow opens all links of the folder.
Options page let you add up to 27 selected bookmarklets to install (see Extension Details), edit bookmarks/bookmarklets, and also add your own custom search engines.