Tyler’s Youtube MP3 Downloader -


Chrome Extension to download Youtube Videos as MP3s.

I’m Tyler and this is my Extension: Tyler’s Youtube Downloader

Youtube doesn’t support to download the MP3 directly, so i provide a link with the embedded youtube url to a service, that downloads the video on their server and generates a MP3-File.

That is the only possible way to download a MP3-File from a Youtube-Video. No Spam, No Shit, No Crap, Just the link under the Youtube Video.

Covert YouTube To MP3 1.0.2 - 1


Download and convert youtube videos into mp3 fast and free with our addon.

Download YouTube Videos -


Download youtube videos directly to your PC in MP3 and many more formats!

Free YouTube MP3 Downloader - 1.2


I have created a very simple addon that will add a download now link on every youtube video to convert to mp3 and many other formats

Settings Fast Access - 1.1


Access the Settings window directly from the toolbar Quickly access the Settings window by clicking the icon instead of taking the “long way” (Tools/Settings). Very useful for those who do a lot of developing or change settings very often. Fast and Simple Extension

Facebook Bookmark - 1.2.0


Access Facebook.com directly from the toolbar

Fast and Simple Extension 🙂

Shareaholic for Google Chrome - 3.2


Share any web page with your friends right from the page you are on! Post to your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote, and more from one extension.

✓ Optimized to load instantly without slowing down Google Chrome
✓ 1-click access to your favorite URL Shorteners (goo.gl, bit.ly, etc)
✓ Ability to sync extension settings across multiple computers and browsers
✓ No registration required!
✓ Secure

If you like it, we’d appreciate if you’d rate it with a 5 star (see below) and tell your friends! If you think it falls short in anyway, please let us know at【[email protected]】what you didn’t like, so it will get fixed ASAP


“Shareaholic should be built into all browsers”
— Andrew Mager, ZDNet.com

“One of my favorite daily-use tools for a while now 🙂 It rocks.”
— Leslie Poston, Co-Author of the book “Twitter For Dummies”

“As a certified social networking and link-sharing addict, Shareaholic has become my favorite new enabler!”
— Veronica Belmont, co-host of Revision3’s tech-centric show, Tekzilla

AddThis – Email, Bookmark, Share, Translate - 1.18


Share to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instapaper, Live, and 200 more. Translate, print, email. Autoconfigs based on usage.